Friday, June 5, 2009

The Lost Boy (pages 240- 300)

David shouldn't be near his old school.
David got taken away again, but he went back to his old foster home.
He must have been really happy to go back there.
But leaving again must have made him really sad.
Can't he just stay where he is.

Will his mother go after him again?
Will he stay with the Cantanzes for good this time?
Does he have to leave again?
Will he make new friends at his new home?

Frenzied - wildly excited or enthusiastic
Reverberating - to reecho or resound
Immaculate - free from spot or stain; spotlessly clean

Literary Terms:
Charaterization - "My head swam with a stream of endless thoughts"
Smilie - "As a carpeter, he had a passion for his craft"

Over View Sentence:
David went back to living witht he his old foster family and is going to stay there until he is 18 years old. this is the place where he calls home.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Lost Boy (180-240)

They really took him away.
He doesn't belong in the juvenile hall.
His new mother was really nice in buying him a pet turtle.
Even though he has done so much Mrs. Catanze still loves him.
He will survive in there.

When will he get out?
Will he be going back to the Catanze?
What will happen after he gets out?
Why does he have to leave the Catanze house?

Curdling -
to spoil; turn sour
Radically - rising from or going to a root or source; basic
Anxiety - distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune

Literary Terms:
Metaphor - "Those crocodile tears might work on lil, but they won't do a bit of good with me"
Simile - "I smiled at Rudy, who breathed above mt like a dragon"

Over View Sentence:
David got out but he wasn't going back to his old foster home he went to a new one, then another one, soon he met his younger brother at the same school he was going to.

The Lost Bpy (120-180)

i really don't think that David needs to see a doctors.
That doctor didn't even help him he is just sitting there.
David just closed up and he started to make the wrong friends.
He didn't even start the fire.
His parents need to believe him.

Why did his parents make him go a see a doctor?
How come David just closed up and drifted away from everyone?
Why are kids at school to mean to him?
Will the police really take him away?

Paramecium -
any ciliated freshwater protozoan of the genus Paramecium, having an oval body and a long, deep oral groove
Distinguishing - distinctive; characteristic, as a definitive feature of an individual or group
Cooed - to utter or imitate the soft, murmuring sound characteristic of doves

Literary Terms:
Simile - "He doesn't ask questions like you or Ms. Gold, but sick ones"
Characterizations - "Whenever i decided to steal a serious item, I became extremely focused inside"

Over View Sentence:
David began to change while living in his new family, he began to make the wrong friends and was accused of starting a fire in school which he didn't and he might get taken away from his family.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Lost Boy (60-120)

David must have been nervous to meet his new family.
His new foster mother is very nice to him.
His new family is very large.
He wasn't the only foster child there.
Larry Jr. is such s bully.

How come he can't go near his old house?
Will David stay with the Catanze for his whole life?
Will him and Larry Jr. ever get along?
Is David going to stick up for himself?

Sanctuary -
immunity afforded by refuge in such a place
Etched - to fix permanently in or implant firmly on the mind; root in the memory
mesmerized - to spellbind; fascinate

Literary Terms:
Simile - "The lady smiled at me as she bowed her head"
Metaphor - "Larry is the biggest creep on the planet"

Over View Sentence:
Larry is now in a new home, which is hie new family his mother came by to visit but didn't say a word to him.

The Lost Boy (1-60)

David must have been in so much pain.
His father should have done something instead of just sitting around.
Hopefully the court would take David away from his mother.
He must be nervous going in to a foster home.
Ms. Gold must felt really happy to help him.

Why did his mother treat him like a slave?
Did she have a mental problem?
Where will David end up?
Will his mom get him back?

Vocabulary :
Triumphantly -
having achieved victory or success; victorious; successful
Intervened - to come between disputing people, groups, etc.; intercede; mediate
Hyperactivity - the condition of being hyperactive

Literary Terms:
Simile - "I cried with all my heart as I said good-byes to my teachers"
Metaphor - "I had decided long ago that I'd rather live in jail than live one more minute with her"

Over View:
David finally got away from his mother and is know in foster care.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wide Sargasso Sea (Pages 171 - 189)

She finally is in England.
Mr. Rochester doesn't even see her a lot.
She doesn't seem happy that she is in England.
People over there aren't nice to her.
She's all alone over there.

Where is Mr. Rochester?
Did he leave her there by herself?
Why doesn't she believe that they are in England?
Does she miss Jamaica?

Smoulders -
To burn with little smoke and no flame
Porthole - round, windowlike opening with a hinged, watertight glass cover in the side of a vessel for admitting air and light
Magdalene -
a reformed prostitute

Literary Terms:
Metaphor - "A ghost in the grey daylight"
Simile - "he looked at me and spoke to me as though I were a stranger"

Overview Sentence:
Antoinette is finally in England and Mr. Rochester doesn't see her much because he doesn't even try.

Wide Sargasso Sea (Pages 152 - 171)

Christophine had left them.
I don't think that Antoinette even notice it.
He is making them leave that place.
She doesn't even want to leave.
I really think that Antoinette should just leave him he is no good for her.

What are they going to do about the house?
Does all the money really belong to Mr. Rochester?
Why can't she take anyone with her?
Why does he what to leave her?

Forsake -
to quit or leave entirely; abandon; desert
Folly - the state or quality of being foolish; lack of understanding or sense
Maliciously - full of, characterized by, or showing malice; malevolent; spiteful

Literary Terms:
Simile - "I spoke aloud as I walked"
Personification - " The hurricane months are not so far away, I thought and saw that tree strike its roots deeper, making ready to fight the wind"

Overview Sentence:
Mr. Rochester is talking to Antoinette about things he is thinking about and other things that she has to let go of.